It has been 30years that I am a dentist. I am fond of esthetics and I am specialized in micro-invasive techniques and the “smile”. Dentistery and photography are two very close universes. In deed, I have been practicing dental macrophotography since the beginning of my carrer. I started with silver in 1986, then numeric in 2000. I also teach dentistery at the University of Odontology and give photography lessons since 2009.

Through the years, I have been taking pictures of my patients before and after the restauration of their smiles. That helped me have a different look to people faces. Portraits became one of my photographs’ main subject. It has been years now that I consider photography apart from dentistery.

Since 2005, I have been taking pictures and learning photography by myself, by practicing as often as I could. In the beginning, I started by learning the techniques of photography through lessons, books, magazines. I try to focus my pictures on a maximum of different universes.

I really love to have a look to the world surrounding me. I let the emotions I feel, create the images through my lens. I enjoy wandering around small towns, big cities, countryside to get inspired. Night or day, I observe people and I try to get the different atmospheres. I also like to contemplate architectural lines, and play with the light. I am on the lookout of key moments. Photography freezes moments.

I work with three cameras: a NikonD810, a D800 and a Hasselblad 503CX (silver-halide photography). My favorit lens are the 85 and 105mm 2.8, the 24-70mm 2.8, the 70-200mm 2.8 and the 50mm 1.4. Regarding the postproduction, I give priority to the magic of the composition, so I only use slightly lightroom.

To describe what I feel about Photography, let me share with you two quotations. Henri Cartier Bresson said:”When there is no emotion, no shoc, no reaction to the sensitivity, do not take pictures. The picture takes you.” Pierre Movila, french plastic photographer said: ” A photograph is a heart failure of a split second”.

I feel like a reporter, sharing emotions. This is what I like the most about photography.
It is a pleasure to share those pieces of life with you. And I would be glad to be the one who capture pieces of your life.

Gil Tirlet